Whether it’s just about having FUN with confidence or competing seriously, I offer comprehensive personalised swimming programmes specifically designed for school aged learners and upwards (4 years to adult).


My aim is to ensure swimmers develop and foster a ‘swim for life’ mentality by presenting a positive perception of water based activities in a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere.


The Foundations of all my programs are SAFETY, COMFORT and CONTROL. Once these 3 cornerstones are solid it will strengthen each individual’s ability to swim confidently, providing the ideal opportunity to extend their aquatic journey in a FUN and progressive environment.


I am a specialist provider of personalised swimming lessons for children and adults in the convenience of your designated pool within the Brighton and Hove area.  I will travel to you, helping to take the pressure off your busy family schedule.


With over 15 years teaching experience across three continents, I am passionate about swimming, a certified STA Level 2 teacher and STA Level 2 Open Water Coach with an international surf Lifeguard award and enhanced DBS checks.



Get swimming for life!
My passion for swimming began in primary school where I competed at both club and provincial (county) level. However, it was my weekends and holidays with family and friends enjoying the thrill of the many water activities on the nearby lakes and rivers of Zimbabwe where my journey into open water started. Our regular coastal visits swimming off the pristine and untamed beaches of Mozambique and South Africa certainly fuelled this incredible experience, igniting the naturally intoxicating sensation I feel whenever swimming in water without walls. I will continue avidly to promote respect for the water at every opportunity because as a parent, coach and water safety educator I believe a proactive approach is vital to ensure everyone I come into contact with not only reaches their swimming potential but more crucially is ‘water wise’.


Learn to Swim Programme 1:2:1 or 1:2:2
I Travel to Your Home or Convenient Public Pool


Swim skills need to be taught - they are not innate, they are acquired. It takes time and depends on the individual. My established and accredited series of progressions enables a route into 'learn to swim' for primary school learners and upwards, building and developing their confidence, knowledge and skills.


30 min 1:2:1 lessons take place at your home or preferred community pool during general swimming times and will focus on the development of swimming technique, water safety, water confidence and survival skills. Following the STA pathway, learners are assessed and placed according to their ability beginning with the Octopus series, progressing through to the Goldfish Series, Angelfish Series and Shark Series.


Book a 1:2:2 lesson and share the cost with a friend or siblings. This allows you the opportunity to choose who you swim with. It is important to ensure both participants are at a fairly similar level to get the maximum benefit from this option.

This is a supported self learning option, running in conjunction with teacher led lessons, which follow the STA 'Learn to Swim' pathway. Participants will receive expert coaching support and personalised lesson plans. To keep up the momentum with progression, at crucial developmental stages all participants will be required to have in water sessions with myself to ensure the learning outcomes are being achieved and any issues addressed.


This will also be the time do do assessments for the various series awards giving you peace of mind knowing that your efforts are rewarded by attaining a recognised national standard.


Enrolment of £20 includes initial 30min in water assessment / lesson and first relevant series stage lesson plan.  You then purchase your choice of 1:2:1 SESSION CARD which is valid for three months.

Teach Your Child to Swim
Expert guidance, support and face to face progressive series stage assessments


One to One - 5 SESSION CARD


  • (excludes membership & entrance fees)


One to One - 10 SESSION CARD


  • (excludes membership & entrance fees)


One to Two - 5 SESSION CARD


  • (excludes membership & entrance fees)


One to Two - 10 SESSION CARD


  • (excludes membership & entrance fees)


If you are not entirely satisfied after the FIRST Learn to Swim lesson, I offer a full 100% money-back guarantee and will refund your entire lesson and session card purchase

Swim Survival Junior
For Children aged between 7-14 years. They must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres continuously and unaided to take part



  • (excludes membership & entrance fees)


SWIM SURVIVAL JUNIOR brings the beach to the pool in a structured and exciting action packed session. This one hour simulated open water pool class, engages 7 – 14 year old swimmers with important education, demonstrations and practical skills vital for personal safety - including an introduction to body boarding and snorkeling.

The focus is on developing respect for OPEN WATER, becoming more aware of this environment and learning a variety of techniques and activities to build confidence and control when in and around all forms of water.

The group sessions are competency based hands on, and on the go from start to finish with maximum time spent in the water. Delivered by an experienced and highly qualified open water coach and qualified surf lifeguard, this course offers important skills and safety information required in the transition from pool to open water swimming.


These ‘on demand’ sessions have a maximum of 8 children in each class ensuring your child benefits from this important water safety education.

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How long does it take for the average child (5-12years) or adult to learn to swim?

National UK and American Swimming Associations recommend the average child takes at least 25 hours of swimming lessons before they can swim 25 metres front crawl consistently and confidently. This is only an average with some children taking more and others less. Adults who are starting for the first time usually take around 20 hours. Adults tend to have more fear of the water, but since they can think abstractly and have more coordination and strength, they learn at a faster pace. There are always exceptions. Students in their teens are usually quicker learners.

How often should my child take swim lessons?

Obviously every individuals situation is different, but regular lessons throughout the year is best, twice a week would be ideal. Often parents and students get frustrated when they are not as good at the beginning of “this summer” as they were at the end of “last summer”, but yet they had no consistent attendance throughout the year. Swimming is a skill that takes practice. You don’t learn over-night and you can’t retain the skills year-to-year without a continued routine. COACH CRAIG encourages fun family participation as crucial to all young learners swimming development and ‘homework’ tasks will certainly encourage this family inclusive aspect throughout their aquatic journey.

Will learners have an exclusive area at their chosen public pool during swimming lessons?

No, depending on ability the lesson will be conducted in the general swimming area or designated public swimming lanes. However, as I offer flexible scheduling we are able to avoid booking times when the pool is overcrowded. The reality for those of us that do not have our own swimming pool is that we must be prepared to share the water and have the ability to swim confidently with other people around. COACH CRAIG is always in the water during the entire lesson and 100% focused on ensuring both physical and emotional outcomes are reached. Nothing is left to chance when learning to swim it is a process and he will work at every individuals pace. Taking into consideration any anxiety or often fear some individuals may have, clients have found it to be reassuring when watching others around them enjoying the incredible benefits of swimming.

If I choose the TEACH yourself option and have a problem achieving a demonstrated learning outcome what do I do?

COACH CRAIG will be available on the number and skype address provided to help guide you through any issues, with the extensive resources available he should be able to find a solution. If you are still struggling you will need to book a face to face in water lesson.